Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sungai Lembing - Rainbow waterfall

Let's go to Rainbowfall...

About 2 months ago, me and one of my friend planned to go Sg. Lembing to see the sunrise & rainbow waterfall. Eventually become 8 persons. The good thing is, I no need to organise the whole trip (YEAH!!!)

We depart from Petaling Jaya about 4pm, it took us 3 hours++ to reach Kuantan
Photo above is Kuantan town area, we take dinner @ 乞丐鸡海鲜饭店. Foods there are cheap, nice, and big size! You must try if you go there. Unfortunately, I'm too hungry at that moment, that's why no photo here :)

After the dinner, we drive to Sg. Lembing, about 40++ kilometers from Kuantan. We stay at one of the home stay there (forgot to take photo).

The second day, we wake up at 5am and prepare to go to the rainbowfall. Just be early, because he only place for taking breakfast will be a lot of people after 6am. So we went there about 5.30am.

Things not to prepare:
- extra cloths (no matter how you will wet...)
- sport shoes (they will provide kampung adidas for you)
- torch light

The super car that fetch us to waterfall.

The middle checkpoint. See, we are ready to FIGHT!!! Fight the waterfall :)

We are on the way...

Don't forget to selfie :)

Damn a lot of people...

Such a powerful waterfall...

Double layers rainbow just right behind us

My personal experience, the water is fxcking cold, although its nice. If you want to take photo or whatever, make sure you take before jump into the water. My mistake here is.... I jump into water first, then comes up and take a group photo for couple of minutes, then I jump back to the water... Shit!!! My body was shaking, and I can't control it. Then I go up quickly... the wind blow to my body... Urghhhh!!!! SO DAMN COLD!!! Fortunately, they provide Milo & cup noodle for us, I quickly grab from them. Very lucky, there is a group of people, ask me to sit in middle of them, they are like a wall, help me to block some wind, even lend me their jacket. So kind...

When we are returning back to home stay, we sit in reverse way, meaning to say that we face the other cars behind us. It was awesome!!! You must try that as well...

Due to time constraint, we  headed to Tin Mines immediately after the waterfall. The ticket price is RM30 for non-Malaysian, RM15 for Malaysian and RM7.50 for senior citizen or kids.

There is an antique transport, but only can go 100 meters.

Personally, I think this is boring, it just a dark cave with some history videos. If you like history kind of stuffs, you can go :)

Right until 4pm, we went to Teluk Chempedak beach. The first time I saw such a modern beach. Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC, Chatime, etc. all there.

Few members of us taking emo photos at the beach. Really don't understand how does those Gen-Y think, they usually like to act emo...

After the beach, is the dinner time. Beserah Seafood Restaurant is our choice. Nice environment, we are sitting outside let the wind blow~~~ to us, I'm so relax.... Of course, the price is not as cheap as first night, but its acceptable.

The second day finished. I'm so looking forward to the next day - mount Sg. Lembing. But we got to wake up at 4am, even earlier than the second day. I sleep at 12am++. Then I heard alarm was ringing, it was 3am++, is too early to me, so sleep again. Until 4am, before I open up my eyes, I heard a sound "shoorrrrrrrrr............." my mood right now contradicted, coz I'm so tired, raining is a very good reason (or excuse) for me to continue sleep; in another side, I came from far away to Sg. Lembing, now I cannot complete one of the main tasks

Just like this...
As we know that evil always win. Alright, let's sleep.... In result, I wake up at 9.30am, later on take breakfast in the same place again. But one thing really shock me is, a bowl of noodle only cost me RM1...I've been long time didn't heard about this price, so cheap, some more the taste quite nice...

We cannot hike the mountain, at least we want to take a photo there

After taking photo, is our tea time again

A group of crazy guys walking in the suspension bridge at 12pm (damn hot)

A cave in Gua Cheras

Again, few emo guys are seeing the sea... (so damn hot)

Finally.... ooppps!! why SELAMAT DATANG? There are some technical issue on our schedule, we got to go back to town to take our dinner/lunch (should be dinner + lunch)

SAYONARA! Kuantan~


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